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With over 17,000 employees and 150 million prescriptions each and every year, Lloyds Pharmacy is a huge chain within the UK and now boasts 1,500 outlets with some standing as full stores and others within Sainsbury's supermarkets. Currently, Celesio, a German company previously trading under the name GEHE AG, owns the collection of pharmacies. However, they are actually owned by an American company themselves; McKesson Corporation.

With headquarters in Coventry, the brand started in 1997 but not from scratch as they had immediate access to AAH Pharmaceuticals' Hills Pharmacy which had 1,300 locations. Over the years, they have continued to expand and built a close relationship with Diabetes UK. As a result, they have done some important work around the disease including two million free diabetes tests. Before being shut down to cut costs, they even had their own radio station which played within all stores called 'LloydsPharmacy Live!'.

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